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2nd January 2014

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Haven Theories

Theories Regarding Haven Season 5 (Spoilers for all episodes of Haven)

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9th December 2013


stillcrazyafteralltheseyearss asked: You're beautiful xx


Is this a Whovian thing or a SPN thing? Just curious…


7th December 2013

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Aaand now for the Sastiel Bigbang art! ♥ (´❀) 

Title: Brothers of the Road

Author: dracox_serdriel (tumblr

Masterpost: LJ

Ficpost: LJ AO3

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5th December 2013


Fic: Brothers of the Road

Brothers of the Road

Art by wifihunters

Title: Brothers of the Road
Word count: Approx. 21,000 - 22,000 
Status: Completed as part of Sastiel Big Bang 2013 
Author: Dracox Serdriel
Artist: wifihunters
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my lovely beta readers, septembers_coda and novakev
Genre: case!fic, drama, adventure, battle
Spoilers: Through episode 08x20 “Pac-Man Fever”
Rating: R / M
Warnings: language, graphic violence, innuendo, depression, angst
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, universe, and mythology of Supernatural. This fan fiction is based on the canon of Supernatural as of 8x19 “Taxi Driver,” but thereafter is pure invention.

Summary: Dean Winchester is missing, leaving Castiel and Sam Winchester on the warpath to figure out who - or more aptly, what - has taken Dean captive.

Art masterpost: Brothers of the Road – Art masterpost
Fic masterpost: Available on LJ and AO3

Author’s Note: Brothers of the Road can be read as a standalone story, but there are references to original characters and events from the episodes in Season 9 Fan Fiction (S9FF).

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4th December 2013


Fic: Entanglement, or the Ghost Field (Doctor Who/Supernatural Crossover)

Entanglement, or The Ghost Field

A Supernatural/Doctor Who Crossover Fic

Title: Entanglement, or The Ghost Field
Author: Dracox Serdriel
Status: Completed as part of Horror Big Bang 2013
Acknowledgement: A special thanks to my awesome beta reader, rince1wind
Genre: Horror, Action, Science Fiction, Case Fic, Crossover Fic
Universes: Doctor Who, Supernatural
Word count: Approx. 41,500
Rating: R
Warnings: violence, language, horror, trauma, terror, possession, mayhem
Characters: Supernatural - Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, The Tenth Doctor (Metacrisis), Rose Tyler, Pete Tyler, The Eleventh Doctor, River Song
Pairings: The Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Spoilers: For Supernatural, all episodes through 07x19 “Of Grave Importance”; For Doctor Who, All reboot episodes through 04x18 “The End of Time, Part 2” with some minor spoilers from 06x08 “Let’s Kill Hitler”
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, universe, and mythology of Doctor Who or Supernatural.

Summary: A mauve alert attracts the attention of The Metacrisis Doctor and Rose Tyler, who investigate as UNIT and Torchwood employees. The Winchesters get a call from a woman who claims her doppelganger has just died in the Trine, an area of rural Florida with so many ghost stories and odd phenomenon that people named it after the Bermuda Triangle. What they think is just a basic shifter/spirit problem turns out to be an entire world of horrors.

Entanglement, or the Ghost Field is available on AO3

Entanglement, or the Ghost Field - LiveJournal
Entanglement - Part One: Helicity
Entanglement - Part Two: Gallows Pole
Entanglement - Part Three: Ghost
Entanglement - Part Four: Eminence Front
Entanglement - Part Five: Ricochet
Entanglement - Part Six: Microcosm
Entanglement - Part Seven: Long Road Out of Eden
Entanglement - Part Eight: Quantum Phantom
Entanglement - Part Nine: Welcome to the Machine
Entanglement - Part Ten: Please Mister Gravedigger
Entanglement - Part Eleven: Borrowed Time
Entanglement - Part Twelve: Cosmological Constant

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2nd December 2013

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Companion Series: Katarina
Katarina lived in ancient Greece during the siege of Troy. When Vicki decided to remain behind, she ensured Katarina would be aboard the TARDIS as The Doctor and Steven left. On her first trip, a convict named Kirksen captures Katarina to blackmail the crew into returning him to the planet Kembel. To allow the ship to continue on its mission to stop the Daleks, Katarina sacrifices herself by opening the airlock and throwing both herself and Kirksen out of the ship.

Traveled with: The First Doctor, Steven Taylor
Species: Human
Origin: Earth, 1200 BC


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1st December 2013


Companion Series: Vicki
Vicki traveled the universe before crashing and being stranded on Dido, where she befriends a local Sand Beast for company The Doctor, Ian, and Barbara uncover a plot by her only surviving crew mate, Bennett, and she chose to join the adventures of the TARDIS. She comes from much later in Earth’s history, and she has a strong background in science and technology, which enables her to help the Xerons in their revolution against the Morokos in The Space Museum (s02s7). Vicki leaves the TARDIS when she decides to remain with Troilus, a warrior living during the siege of Troy, after falling in love with him.


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27th November 2013

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The Day of the Doctor

A slightly rambling review of The Day of the Doctor.

Okay, maybe more than ‘slightly’ rambling. I did have over fifty years to cover!

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24th November 2013

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Question

As I watched the fiftieth anniversary special, I thought about the curse that made the people of Gallifrey barren… about the looming process to create new (adult) Time Lords… and how Leela and Andred (post-s15s6 ‘The Invasion of Time’) were supposed to be the parents of the first “naturally conceived” child on Gallifrey in millennia…

Small Addition: Given that the curse of sterility is tied intricately to the history/storyline of the Sisterhood of Karn — who were directly responsible for saving The Eighth Doctor / The War Doctor so he could move into the 50th — claiming that the Whoniverse books are ‘not cannon’ doesn’t make sense.

So, this is an honest question:
"Since when are there children on Gallifrey?”

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23rd November 2013

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Mindwarp, Serial 23 Subserial 2 (4 Episodes)

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23rd November 2013

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Pyramids of Mars, Serial 13 Subserial 2 (4 Episodes)

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23rd November 2013


The Mysterious Planet, Serial 23 Subserial 1 (4 Episodes)

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23rd November 2013

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The Green Death, Serial 10 Subserial 5 (6 Episodes)

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23rd November 2013


Horror of Fang Rock, Serial 15 Subserial 1 (4 Episodes)

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23rd November 2013


Companion Series: Barbara Wright
Barbara and Ian, two teachers, investigated Susan Foreman’s strange behavior and wound up inside the TARDIS with Susan and The Doctor. Their curiosity led them on an epic journey into the past, the future, and across the stars. Barbara returned to earth by stealing the Time Machine developed by the Daleks to travel back to 1965.


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